This is a preliminary test of my webpage-writing workflow.

I've made a small system in Common Lisp that takes text-based source files, and 'compiles' them into the full webpage HTML for this website. In short, this is how the pipeline works:

A source file consists of text. Lines beginning with a special sequence are metadata. Here's an excerpt from the file I wrote to make this page, for example:

This is a preliminary test of my webpage-writing workflow.

This is a quote inside a quote.
pretty metal.

  • Alberto Einsetin

This is back out at the first quote-layer.

this is normal. The following is inline code, apparently.
(defun square (x) (* x x))

The following is a block quote:

get the news, apparently we're at war now
only one good thing about this
get to sortie out again with that guy from Mage

this is no longer a block quote, it's just normal text that stops eventually, presumably when this line gets long enough, for fuck's sake.
How am I supposed to know when this thing will make a br happen? HUEHUEHUE.
The sidebar image
and continues on the next line.

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